Long Island

Why Traveling To Long Island NY Can Be Educational, Fun, And Exciting

Long Island is an extraordinary tourist destination that draws people from around the world. The Island offers a getaway for individuals that want to escape the busy city life and enjoy a little peace and quiet. Long Island includes various regions in New York, including Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Brooklyn. While the Island is basically a large suburban area, a small part of it is considered to be very rural, with a few towns. There are many reasons why tourists are drawn to Long Island, but one thing is for sure the beaches are very welcoming and breathtaking.


Southampton is the ritzy town, with a population of more than 56,000 people. Most locals refer to the town as “The Hamptons”, because it makes it look more dignified. Located in Suffolk County, Southampton is made up of mostly water. However, there is 138.9 square miles of land that contains 16 unincorporated areas and 7 incorporated villages. There are many notable people that reside in The Hamptons, including Howard Stern, Andre Johnson, and Mary Louise Cleave.

Shelter Island

The only way to access Shelter Island is by ferry. However, there is an airstrip set up for emergencies. Most visitors travel around the Island by car, but there are several businesses that offer bike rental services to anyone that is wants to feel the air flow through their hair. There is also the Gem Car, which is an electric motorized vehicle that is capable of traveling speeds up 40 miles per hour.  Many tourists visit the Island, so they can escape to the many beautiful beaches. The Wades Beach is more suited for families, but the most popular is Cresant. Both beaches offer lifeguard services during the summer season to keep everyone safe.

Beaches And Parks

Long Island, New York is most certainly a nature lover’s best friend. The landscape of the area is downright gorgeous and very diverse. When touring Long Island, you will be able to see a little bit of everything from beaches to trails, and even parks. The area is often praised for its sandy white beaches and the amazing waves. Suffice to say, it is an ideal destination for surfers. If you travel to Long Island with a partner, you will find many places where you can setup a romantic picnic. Just make sure you time things right and you’ll be able to watch the beautiful sunset! Alternatively, you may be an adrenaline junkie. If so, you can always so scuba diving or even kayaking. The possibilities are nearly endless when visiting Long Island.