Hot Tub & Spa Removal Service

While hot tubs can provide numerous benefits, they will not last long. If it fails and ceases to function, you’ll need to get rid of it. Make sure you remember that your hot bath is very heavy. It will be difficult for you to dispose of it on your own. Our junk removal team can assist you in getting rid of it quickly.

Disposing Hot Tubs Easily

Once you’ve found out that the spa is not working anymore, you’ll need to eliminate it. Please do not waste time to get rid of it. In the end, the hot tub takes up an excessive amount of space in your home. Let us remove it for you. Once we’ve taken it away from your house, we’ll try out best to have it donated or recycled. Call our office for a free estimate when you’re ready to begin. We’ll be delighted to inform you what we know about the hot tub services.

Disposing Of Hot Tubs

Unfortunately, you have an uphill battle ahead. Disposing of the hot tub will prove difficult as you can’t set it down by the curb. Many landfills and recycling plants don’t take hot tubs. Utilize the following tips to get rid of it.

    • Find a dealer who is willing to buy the item or purchase it.
    • It is always possible to sell the hot tub online.
    • You can also hire a junk removal company to remove your hot tub.

We understand that you don’t want to tackle it by yourself. Don’t. We can help. Contact us today to start.

Moving Your Hot Tub

It is crucial to figure out the correct method to move your hot tub. Learn the steps below.

    • Make sure your hot tub is unplugged from its electricity source.
    • The water has to be flushed out of the tub.
    • Start removing its parts, including its heat source and the pump.
    • Check to see that all equipment is packed. Make sure you have a clear path to quickly transport the tub across the property.

Your hot tub likely gets too big for you. So, you’ll require help from multiple individuals.

The Cost Of Removing A Hot Tub

The final cost of our hot tub removal service will be contingent on various factors. For instance, it’ll depend on the area you live in and the dimensions of your hot tub. As the hot tub gets more extensive, our prices will become higher. But don’t be concerned. We aim to provide our clients with affordable services. We’ll review your needs before giving you a bid price.

Can I Move A Hot Tub On My Own?

It is possible to move a hot tub on your own, but, likely, you won’t reach your objectives. These items are cumbersome. It is too heavy to handle on your own. You might hurt yourself. It is best to let an expert handle the task for you. Professional moving companies can help you make the process quicker and easier. They’ll take care of the heavy lifting to help you protect your back.

Recycling Hot Tubs

We are delighted to announce that we can assist you in reusing your old hot tub. Doing so is recommended since it is better than sending your tub into a landfill. However, the hot water is heavy and difficult to disassemble. Therefore, it will need a lot of time and effort in recycling. Some recycling centers will have you break down the hot tub before they take it. It’s best to wash it thoroughly and take it apart first.

What About The Hot Tub Cover?

Also, you’ll need to remove the hot tub cover. You’ll have to follow the steps listed below to dispose of your hot tub’s surface.

    • Grab a knife and cut the hot tub cover cautiously along the seams. Be sure to reduce it into smaller pieces.
    • Then, you can unzip the cover to take out and remove the foam inserts.
    • You might need to remove aluminum or plastic pieces as well.
    • Finally, cut these inserts into smaller chunks. Doing this will make it easier for you to get rid of them later.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to take care of it yourself. Instead, you can count on our assistance. We can remove all hot tubs and their components.

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