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Carpet Removal & Disposal

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Are you deciding that you’d like to get new carpeting in your home? It would help if you were prepared to remove the old carpets. Keep in mind that your local trash company might not remove old carpenters. Instead, it would help if you allowed our junk experts to handle it for you.

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You can always trust us as we dispose of all types of household junk. Apart from getting rid of appliances, electronics, and wood, we can also dispose off your carpet. We’ll haul the carpet away and ensure that it’s recycled. We’ll try our best to eliminate the carpet in an environmentally friendly way.

Pulling Up Carpet

The process of removing your old carpet can be straightforward. You’ll need to forcibly pull it up until it breaks free from the tack strip. It’s an excellent idea to use a plier, which will help make it simpler. After lifting the carpet on one side, you can pull it up with your hands. Make sure you break it up into smaller pieces, which will help you get it off later.

Removing Carpet Glue

When the carpet you have been using has been removed, you may be required to dispose of carpet glue. It may remain on your walls or foundation. Use the advice below to clean the glue off your flooring.

  • It’s good to start by scraping up the glue with a blade or scraper.
  • To soften the glue that is difficult to remove, use a steamer or boiling water.
  • After the glue has softened then, remove it with scrapers. 

You may need to go through the process above until the glue is gone.

Getting Rid Of The Carpet Tack Strip

After you’ve finished the steps above, it’s time to do something about the carpet tack strips. Be careful because you can be stabbed by nails very easily.

  • Seek out the nail head so that you can locate the tack strip.
  • Use a pry bar or hammer and place it between the strip and the floor.
  • Use a hammer to strike the other side of the pry bar.
  • After completing this, the nail will pop up, and the nail will fall off.
  • You’ll need to continue this until the strip is removed using your hands.
  • Place the strip inside a bag.

After removing all Tack strips, sweep the area to rid it of leftover splinters and nails.

Removing Carpet From Stairs

The removal of carpets from stairs will be more complex. The process, however, is similar. The strip of tack likely sticks it down. So, you’ll need to remove it from the strip. Start by using a pair of pliers. Then, you can remove it with your hands. Once you’ve pulled it up, cut it into smaller pieces to remove it without difficulty.

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